Web Video.

More and more people are watching videos on the web to learn about new concepts, products and services as well as for entertainment. Video is the fastest growing media on the Internet.

Web videos are a powerful way to get a message out to an unlimited audience anywhere anytime. Web videos are accessible, compelling and quickly inform and inspire viewers. And, because web videos are 'always on' they are a cost effective long term media investment.

At Wine Country Films we produce high quality web videos for companies, institutions, non-profits and entrepreneurs within today's realistic budgets.

Through production techniques tailored to the online viewing experience, we make web videos that are customized to your message, appeal to your target audiance and enhance your presence online. Example: Armida Winery


Web Video Production

Every web project we produce adheres to the unique considerations of web distribution. From creative concept to camera composition to resolution to compression we always keep the medium in mind.

Wine Country Films has the technical capability to create videos for all current Internet distribution modes. Our state of the art Apple Final Cut Studio edit suite can encode video in any format. Whether it's a file to embed in a video player on your own web site, or video portals such as YouTube, Vimeo or others, we can export to the technical specifications required.

And, after all the trouble we take to make your video look as good as possible in the first place, we'd like to help you put it online in the quality it deserves. We'll work directly with your web company or we offer web design services to integrate video into new sites.

Either way, web videos will boost your image and increase your rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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