Until recently professional video production and still photography were separate activities using distinct technologies for different purposes. Now, with the advent of digital imaging technology the video and photography industries are converging.

New digital cameras can capture both high quality motion and still pictures ready for computer processing. The result is an all digital work flow that is a more efficient and cost effective way to generate both still and moving images.

Wine Country Films has the equipment and versatility to offer both video production and still photography services. Our high-definition JVC and Canon video and DSLR cameras capture still and moving images at professional quality resolutions and our Mac Pro suite outputs all video and photography formats.

Wine Country Films can do combined video and photography shoots. In a video production we can shoot additional still photos or we can lift still images from the video footage. The images right and below are video frame grabs digitized for the web.

production photography stills
Product shots for packaging design

Still photographs pulled from video or shot with designated cameras can be used for DVD or CD packaging, project publicity, product or service information media. Photography Services:

  • Specialized Genres — Commercial & Editorial
  • Shoot Coordination & Logistics
  • Designated Photographer & Equipment.
  • Location/Studio Scouting & Liaison
  • Talent Casting
  • Art Direction
  • Prop Styling & Wardrobe
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Green screen
  • Photo Restoration
  • Image Optimization (For Web, Print, CD, etc.)

Photo Restoration.

Many of our Documentaries and Family Heritage films use old photographs. When we get the original prints many are faded, creased or otherwise damaged. In the course of production we scan and digitally restore them.

Through detailed Photoshop work we can retouch and repair many old color and Black & White photographs. We can work with slides or prints and output high-resolution digital files for print or electronic media.

Photographic restoration
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