Graphics in video are a powerful visual tool. They add both form and function. They enhance aesthetic appeal and they convey key information. Essentially, good graphic design well integrated contributes to higher production values.

At Wine Country Films we incorporate graphical elements into most productions. From simple on screen text, to opening title sequences, to logos, to information imagery like maps or charts we utilize graphics and effects to communicate more effectively.

Using an extensive array of professional graphics and effects software we create visually sophisticated still and motion graphical elements in 2D or 3D. We polish productions with color grading, image correction, filters and effects.

In keeping with our mandate of maximizing production investment we can create or adapt graphics to become digital assets suitable for any electronic media. Graphics we do for a video can be repurposed for the web or other presentation formats.

Image right: Video FX
Image below: Wine label scanned for video

Wine Country Films applies video FX
Wine lable digitized for video

We can import existing designs such as logos, brand names or other marketing collateral into our digital workflow. Printed material can be scanned and vector artwork converted. We've turned wine labels into video opening titles and video images into printed DVD packaging.

We can create project specific original custom designs in house or collaborate with outside graphic artists to unify design solutions across media platforms.

Industry leading image enhancment software we use includes:

Apple Final Cut Studio, Motion & Color
Adobe Flash, After Effects
Boris FX
Magic Bullet
Logic Express
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Topaz Labs suite

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