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DVD & Blu-ray™ disc.

Today, innovative businesses and individuals are successfully using the DVD and Blu-ray™ disc to deliver all types of content in a form that is increasingly accessible, user-friendly and cheap to distribute.

Ideal for marketing, product and services demonstrations the DVD is an effective tool for reaching prospective customers. As a training or educational tool DVD's display in-depth information using videos, photos, graphs and charts, audio and print. DVD and Blu-ray™ discs excel as a medium for preserving and distributing audio and video recordings of performances. They can be packaged with print materials and shipped inexpensively.

Wine Country Films offers full DVD and Blu-ray™ disc production services for content creators. We have the technical capability and expertise to produce complete DVD and Blu-ray™ from initial concept to packaging.

Wine Country Films has produced DVD's for numerous entrepreneur publishers. These range from musicians and concert promoters, dance academies and individuals offering educational seminars and lectures. Examples of DVD publishing properties include;

  • The annual 'Professional Pianists Concert' benefit series.

  • Elena Casanova's 'Acoustic Cafe', 'Havana Afternoon', '88x2', 'Concert at PUC', 'Music, Music, Music' and others.

  • 'The Emperor' and 'Scheherazade', by the Ukiah Symphony

  • Teresa Lubarsky's Healdsburg Ballet

  • 'The Glory of Christmas' by the Seventh Day Adventist church.

  • 'Demystifying Addiction' lecture series by Thomas Hedlund, MFT

  • 'Intervention is Action From the Heart'
    lecture by Jo Ann Towle, MA.
Sample clips can be seen in our Porfolio.

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