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Digital Media

We live in a multimedia world where sound, image and print production is converging through digital technology. Photography, Video, Audio, Graphics and Text can all be captured, created and distributed as digital media.

Digital media can be manipulated and reproduced without quality loss. It crosses the Internet, makes web pages and multimedia presentations. It's TV, Radio, DVD and CDs. It's the printed page.

At Wine Country Films we design, create and combine all types of media using an all digital work flow. Our high performance Mac Pro edit systems use professional integrated applications specifically designed for photography, graphics and audio as well as video.

We encourage clients to consider us as creating digital assets they can use across multiple media platforms. By coordinating media design and production for different uses we can deliver more media for the money. After all, in a multimedia world your production investment should offer a multimedia return.

Once we design and create or capture and digitize any media for any project it has the potential to be repurposed in many other ways. Graphics for a video can be used on a web site. Photographs taken for a web site can be processed for print. Audio from a DVD can be repurposed on a CD. For content creators of all kinds this approach to media production offers flexibility, innovation and economy of scale.

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