Experienced filmmakers know that sound matters as much as picture. Audiences respond more acutely to audio quality then image quality and sound packs the emotional punch that sets dramatic tone.

Good audio is flawlessly recorded and carefully mixed into a sound track that compliments the visuals perfectly. Good audio takes planning, technical skill and attention to detail.

At Wine Country Films we pursue the highest quality audio from initial recording through post-production. Our professional Sennheiser mics and Tascam digital deck records up to 24bit and through Final Cut Studio Soundtrack Pro and Logic Express we mix
5.1 surround sound and CD quality stereo.

We do sound design for all our productions including voice over, dialogue, music and effects. We do field recording and audio editing for clients requiring exceptional audio quality for DVD's and CD's featuring live performance music, theater, dance and lectures.

Our Colleague, Elena Casanova, composes orginal music for some of our productions.

Audio for film
Elana Casanova composes original music for many of our productions
Audio for film
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