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Every project begins with Jim Stewart, founder of Wine Country Films. After initial consultation with a client and a thorough assessment of the project Jim will determine the production personnel required.

Some projects can be done by Jim alone; an accomplished Director, Videographer and Editor. Others require the combined efforts of a designated Production Team. Universally the Film Industry is an enterprise of independent contractors brought together for individual projects, and Wine Country Films follows this business model. This way we can scale up according to each project's needs with the right combination of expertise.

Wine Country Films is proud to work consistently with a select group of Northern California based film production and media professionals. All are highly experienced and each brings superb technical skills and personal creativity to any project. Plus, we enjoy working with each other.

Jim Stewart - Founder of Wine Country Films

As the owner of Wine Country Films, Jim has been actively working in Sonoma County for 15 years. When he founded the company his vision was to provide personal, affordable and quality video production services to Northern California's Wine Country while staying abreast of the latest technical advances in the field. That vision remains the core of Wine Country Films mission today. Jim employs a direct hands on approach to all Wine Country Films projects. From the first client consultation through the planning, scripting, shooting, editing and delivery Jim either does it himself or collaborates with the colleagues featured here. Whatever the project Jim brings dedication and enthusiasm based on a life long love of moving pictures going back to double feature westerns with a serial and cartoon on Saturday afternoons in the 50's to the Hollywood style and Independent films we see today.

Jon Felix - Director - Camera - Editor

Originally trained at the BBC in England, Jon has worked in the Film Industry in both the UK and US for over 30 years. A consummate professional filmmaker, Jon is an accomplished director, editor and cinematographer. His substantial body of work includes feature films, TV shows, commercials, corporate videos, music videos and documentaries. Two of his films have been nominated for British Academy awards (BAFTA) and others have won Gold and Silver Medals at international film festivals. He has also won many awards in the corporate and advertising sectors. Jon continues to work internationally but always has time for Wine Country Films since we pay him in fine wine.

Elena Cassanova - Composer

Elena Casanova was born in Havana, Cuba. Elena is a talented and versatile musician. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music from University of Redlands, California. She has an active solo and chamber music career performing works by classical composers such as Bach, Schubert and Beethoven as well as modern compositions. In addition to her solo career Elena arranges and performs Latin and Cuban music with her own band. Her passion is the music of her native country and she has released an all-classical Cuban music CD under the MSR Label widely available on the internet. Wine Country Films has produced a number of Elena's concert performance films and we are pleased to have her work on original music for our productions.

Dan Young - Producer

Dan is an Independent Producer and business advocate of Wine Country Films. Dan has worked on documentaries, commercials, corporate and non-profit videos and narrative films. His experience covers project development, line producing, script writing, location and studio production, graphics and photography. His documentary work has taken him to refugee camps in Africa and Aircraft carriers bound for Iraq. His commercial and corporate work has taken him to destinations worldwide. He's shot on location in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. These days he tends to stay closer to home raising kids, writing scripts for the X PRIZE Foundation and making movies with Wine Country Films.

Drow Millar - Producer - Camera - Editor

Drow Millar has worked in film and television production for over 20 years as an editor, producer and cinematographer. He has collaborated on two films with Rob Nilsson, 'Frank Dead Souls' and 'Sand' as editor and co-producer. He has worked with Academy Award winning director John Korty on several projects, including a re-edit of his highly acclaimed film 'The Crazy Quilt', which was shown at the 30th Anniversary Mill Valley Film Festival Celebration Retrospective. Drow also produced, directed, and edited the award-winning documentary, 'The Dipsea Demon', a film about Jack Kirk, the legendary 96 year old man who ran the Dipsea race well into his nineties. He is currently producing another documentary about Buddhism in Burma. Drow also teaches Editing Theory and History of Film at the Motion Pictures and Television college of the Academy Art University in San Francisco.

Alan Zucker - Webmaster

With deep experience on web business and production projects Alan delivers a wealth of strategy and execution expertise. He has built sites, and the business models that propel them, for large and small clients. His work with and brought him back in touch with an earlier passion — filmmaking and video production. When he is not filming or coding for clients, you will often find him creating engaging films as part of the filmmaking cooperative, Scary Cow Productions.

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